Friday, August 24, 2007

All Charged Up (How's that for poor grammar?)

After using Palm Pilots with my 3rd graders for several years, I finally found an inexpensive, easy way to charge the Palms. The back story is that this summer I had the good fortune of hearing Tony Vincent speak at Shippensburg University (PA Keystone Summit). Later I explored his website and learned that another teacher uses baskets to manage the plugs, boxes, and wires. The picture illustrates my variation. I used a crate to hold all of the surge protectors and chargers. Then I laced all of the wires into the smaller green basket. Finally I used the purple caddy to hold the palms. This makes it easy to store the palms as well. After they are charged I can unplug them, grab the purple caddy, and lock it in a cabinet.

Our tech. supervisor has purchased a set of video ipods for use in the district this year! Stay tuned!

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