Thursday, November 15, 2007

CFF Training on the PC Side

Day 1: For the next two days I will be exploring technology integration tools using the Levovo laptop that all of our PC teachers will using with the Classrooms for the Future grant. During these sessions we will be exploring ways to integrate 21st century skills. Right now we are learning about blogs and everyone is learning to create one. I have some nice, easy "how to" directions for anyone interested! I will keep you "posted." Pun intended.

Day 2: Today we completed two interactive activities. The first was a google earth activity where we had to plan a trip and complete an estimate of cost for the trip. My group spent most of our time trying to embed a picture with the placeholder. The other major project was completing a timeline using Learning Essentials (templates that go with Microsoft Office). Our timeline dealt with events of the Civil War and looking at ways communication occurred in 1863 vs. communication paths today. One of my network friends was attending this same training in Pittsburgh. Get this, he skyped in a Civil War expert to help his group! Cheating, I think not. Using available resources creatively... YES! Bravo, MB!

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