Saturday, October 27, 2007

MEOW - Meeting Leopard

Friday night my copy of OS X Leopard arrived! The back up and installation took about 3 hrs. The only negative thing I noticed was that my documents need to be organized. For some reason all of my movies and documents are smooshed together. That's minor.

iChat has some minor glitches. A friend shared his screen and then we couldn't get the cameras back on. I had to restart.

I really like the organizational features! The dock houses the applications, documents, and downloads, but the new part is that, with one click, you can see your apps. in a stack or grid format. Documents show in a cover flow, and downloads are either a stack or grid. I really wanted to try out time machine but my external hard drive is not large enough.

The new photo booth background have kept my son pretty busy. Ok, I like it too! I am anxious to try Time Machine, the back-up feature new to Leopard. Unfortunately, my external hard drive is not large enough.

I have to say, this is one nice kitty!

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