Monday, January 21, 2013

A Day

About five years ago I had a detour in my career path which I thought was going to be temporary. A technology integration coach was needed in the high school to help fulfill a grant obligation. With much fear I left my familiar third grade world and ventured into the high school. To make a very long story short, my district decided that this was a viable position and hired me full time as a K-12 technology integration coach. I miss the classroom terribly, although I love my current role. This week I have had to make a decision.... there is an opportunity to return to the elementary classroom should I choose to do so. I have lost sleep, made the pros and cons lists, asked for advice, prayed... and I have finally come to a decision. I was made to be a technology integration coach.

No two days are the same. My duties range from teacher professional development, co-planning and implementing lessons and projects, to basic troubleshooting. Teachers contact me via text, gchat, skype, email, and phone. I eat lunch at my desk while catching up on a TED talk or spending quality time with my Google Reader and Twitter feeds and their rich resources. Each day I attempt to gain proficiency with the various Mac and Windows operating systems, accompanying software applications, while trying to keep current with some of our newer initiatives.... iPad and Mimio implementations, a Bring Your Own Device pilot program...

The best part of this job, is that I get to connect with students, teachers, staff, and administrators in all of our 6 buildings. I get to continue to learn! Gone are the days when I would walk into a building and a teacher would ask me, "What do you do?" Phew! I am very thankful that my district values this role, and I feel that it is one that I am meant to hold for a little while longer.

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